1 in 5 visitors arriving in Brazil now hails from Argentina, as intercontinental travel booms

Argentina is a hugely diverse country that according to Time Out includes, “vibrant jungle, wild-life packed wetlands, dramatic glaciers, mammoth mountains, sprawling pampas, dune-dotted beaches and shockingly turquoise lakes.”

With so much to explore on their own doorstep, one might be forgiven for thinking that most Argentinians would opt for domestic destinations when it came to enjoying their leisure time. So why are Argentinians heading to the beaches of Brazil in their droves?

Miller Reis, Sales Director of leading real estate developer Ritz-G5, which is developing a range of projects in the northeast of Brazil, comments on Brazil’s current popularity with Argentinian visitors,

“Several factors have combined recently to encourage Argentinians to visit Brazil and the beaches in the northeast of the country are proving particularly popular. The fall of the real has certainly had an impact, as has the removal of the punishing 35% tax on credit card purchases made overseas.

“The measures have meant that greater numbers of travellers from Argentina can now explore the wonders of Brazil, which is excellent news for Brazil’s tourism industry and for luxury beachfront condo developments like Palm Springs, which is perfectly positioned for Argentinians looking to pick up a second home on their travels.”

The Brazilian real fell 48% against the dollar during 2015, making Brazil an attractive prospect for many Latin Americans looking to take an intercontinental break. While the Argentinian currency also fell, the Argentine government still predicts that some 2 million of its citizens will visit Brazil before the end of the Southern Hemisphere summer. That’s a 30% increase over the same period last year.

The growth of Brazil’s popularity has been such that one in five tourists to visit Brazil this summer has been from Argentina, according to the Tourism Ministry. The increase is reflective of a wider intraregional travel boom across Latin America. State-driven economic development and stepped up tourism advertising (Brazil, for example, has been promoting itself in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela) have led to significant growth intraregional travel. According to Americas Quarterly, 60% of all arrivals in Latin America are visitors from within the region.

With stunning beachscapes, modern cities and new hotels like the exclusive Mercure Natal, which occupies the last available plot on the prestigious Via Costeira, northeastern Brazil is certainly using its charms to best advantage when it comes to attracting travellers from its fellow Latin American countries. And of course the pending Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is set to boost that trend even further.

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