Brazilian market confidence soars

  The Brazilian people are backing their country’s prospects of a swift return to global economic strength, according to a new survey. The report from Boston Consulting Group found that 50% of Brazilians believe their country’s economy will improve in the next six months, while 45% believe it will improve within six to 12 months…. Read more »

Vintage globe and in highlighted the Brazil

Brazilian economy getting sweeter by the day

The Brazilian economy is looking up and consumers are feeling more confident, according to the latest consumer confidence update from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FVG). The FGV figures show that consumer confidence has shot up for the second month in a row, taking it from 64.9 in December 2015 to 68.5 in February. Increased optimism… Read more »

Official data shows Brazil’s real estate market grew by 1.32% in 2015

Newly released data from the FipeZap Index, which records property prices in 20 Brazilian cities, has shown that the Brazilian real estate market grew by 1.32% in 2015. Despite Brazil’s economy undergoing a financial adjustment, the real estate market has shown itself to be resilient, according to the FipeZap figures. Brazil’s economy is contracting, but… Read more »