Why do Brazilians prefer gated neighbourhoods?

“Security as well privacy is becoming one of the major requirements when buying property in Brazil” comments Luiz Fernandes, CEO of award-winning real estate developer, Ritz-G5. His views from on the ground in Natal, Northeast Brazil, echo those seen wider across the Latin American nation whereby residential buyers are increasingly searching for projects offering a… Read more »

Majestic Village named Best Mixed-use Development of the Americas at International Property Awards 2015 Grand Final

  Earlier in October leading Brazilian property developer, Ritz-G5 was granted the prestigious accolade of Best Mixed-use Development Brazil for its grand condominium project Majestic Village, during the International Property Awards gala event held in Barbados. Following this success, Ritz-G5 then went on to compete for the title of Best Mixed-use Development Americas at the… Read more »

Majestic Village receives 5 stars for Best Mixed Use Development – Brazil in the International Property Awards Americas 2015

  Last month leading Brazilian property developer, Ritz-G5, was named a dual award winner in the prestigious and highly acclaimed International Property Awards 2015. Competing against numerous other developers across the Americas Ritz-G5 was successful in two categories: Best Mixed-use Development and Best High Rise Development. To discover the level of the awards bestowed upon… Read more »

In the pursuit of happiness? Just move to Brazil!

The World Happiness Report was first published in 2012. Now in its fourth year, the newly released 2015 figures make for some interesting reading. As the report states, “Happiness is increasingly considered a proper measure of social progress and a goal of public policy.” In a fast-paced world, the pursuit of happiness is something that… Read more »

Brazilian Property Investment Becomes Shariah Compliant

Brazilian property developer Ritz-G5 now offers a Shariah-compliant investment in its Natal-based premium residential project, Majestic Village. Shariah compliance is founded on the principle of “social justice” where companies are required to adhere to Islamic laws, which include prohibition of liquor, pork and vice, as well as fair and responsible trading practices. The Brazilian premium… Read more »