Brazil Airlines Covet Europe With Tam Hub

Latam Airlines Group SA, the biggest airline in Latin America, is planning to create an international hub in northeastern Brazil as it seeks to tap demand for flights to Europe and compete with a Portuguese rival. Creating a hub in Natal, Fortaleza or Recife would give fliers, easier and more direct access across the Atlantic,… Read more »

China and Brazil confirm trade and investment deals worth billions

Chinese premier Li Keqiang lifted the wraps Tuesday on a multibillion-dollar series of trade and investment deals with Brazil, as Beijing looks to invest $50bn in South America’s largest economy. The news unveiled on the Chinese official visit is a huge boon for Brazil as it endures a fifth straight year of low growth after… Read more »

Domestic tourism on the rise in Brazil

With the depreciation of the Brazilian real in relation to the U.S. dollar this year (hovering around R$3.00/US$1), Brazilians have become far more interested in travelling within their nation than abroad. Tourism is one sector that is bucking the trend of slower economic growth and consumer spending, indicating positive growth and great potential. According to… Read more »

Property price growth ongoing across Brazil despite economic challenges

House prices in Brazil have in recent years been one of the biggest drivers of economic performance in Brazil and despite the recent slow-down in the economy, house prices across Brazilian cities have continued to rise. The Knight Frank Global House Price Index (Q3 2014) recorded a robust 9.2% year-on-year house price growth in Brazil, placing the Latin American… Read more »

Brazil plans to ‘nationalise’ rainforest in pioneering plan to protect Amazon

The Brazilian rainforest could be effectively nationalised under a draft bill being considered by the country’s MPs. The proposed legislation would recognise the sovereignty of Brazil over the Amazon’s natural resources and set up a national Amazonian policy council with the aim of enshrining environmental protection and regulating economic activities in the rainforest. Should the… Read more »