In the pursuit of happiness? Just move to Brazil!

The World Happiness Report was first published in 2012. Now in its fourth year, the newly released 2015 figures make for some interesting reading. As the report states,

“Happiness is increasingly considered a proper measure of social progress and a goal of public policy.”

In a fast-paced world, the pursuit of happiness is something that many people struggle with and achieving true happiness can at times seem unattainable. So is it really possible to set off across the globe in pursuit of happiness, or do you simply take your problems with you to a new location?

The World Happiness Report certainly identifies a clear link between geographical location and happiness levels. Happiness is based on a range of factors, with the six most significant being:

  • GDP per capita
  • Healthy years of life expectancy
  • Social support
  • Trust
  • Perceived freedom to make life decisions
  • Generosity

The 2015 results show Switzerland as the world’s happiest country, with Iceland taking the number two spot and Denmark in third place. The UK comes in at position 21.

So can a move to Brazil, for example, which ranks 16th in the league table, really make a UK citizen a happier person. Luiz Fernandes, CEO of expert Brazilian property firm Ritz-G5, believes it can. He comments,

“There are a number of factors that contribute to life in Brazil being so satisfying. In terms of geography, the country has some truly stunning coastline and you can feel your spirits lift as soon as the ocean breeze ruffles your hair. But for me it’s also about attitude and a way of life. We Brazilians are a spirited people and quick to laugh. It’s about getting the best out of life. The world isn’t always an easy place to survive, but the sun warming your skin while you hear the bustle of others around you is a great feeling. Brazil really does have an incredible amount to offer.”

In scientific terms, Brazil has good reason for having such a positive population. Numerous studies have found a link between proximity to the equator and happiness levels, with the latest study on the subject from the University of Vermont conclusively concluding that, “happiness rises and falls with distance from the equator.”

Quite simply, sunshine elevates people’s moods and fills them with more energy. A study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which involved findings from 1.3 million US citizens, found that those living in sunny states were the happiest in the country.

With the equator running through the northern part of the country, clearly Brazil has excellent credentials in this respect. As technology writer Loren Moss observes,

“Sunshine is not the cause of happiness but is definitely a factor. Biologically it affects our brain and body chemistry – we need sunshine to produce vitamin D, our serotonin levels and circadian rhythms are affected by sunshine – and simply our enjoyment of daytime activities.”

While a move from the UK to Brazil might well therefore increase happiness levels, those not ready to pack up and venture halfway across the world can still share in a slice of the country’s happiness, via a well chosen property investment with Ritz-G5. From luxury beachside condominiums at Palm Springs, to the highly desirable, sought after serviced land plot condominium development of Majestic Village in Natal, the company offers an exciting range of carefully selected, high end properties to discerning global investors.

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