Nossa! Brazil benefits from Asia-Pacific HNWI growth of 17.3%

The number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in the Asia-Pacific region is booming - with an impressive growth in their wealth to boot.

HNWIs are those who have investable assets in excess of US$1 million, outside of their primary residence and financial assets, and the 2014 World Wealth Report has revealed that those classified as such in the Asia-Pacific region has increased by the largest percentage worldwide, an incredible 17.3%.

Aided by healthy growth in both China and Japan, this has taken the region to 4.32 million HNWIs in 2013, when compared to the previous year. This increase importantly narrows the gap between the region and North America, who currently lead with the highest number of HNWIs. A gap that is now just 10,000 individuals, the margin is expected to be traversed by the end of 2014 as Asia-Pacific registers even more HNWIs, as predicted by last year’s Report.

Produced by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Capgemini, the latest 2014 Report also exposes the fact that it is not just in the growth in numbers of HNWIs in which the Asia-Pacific region is outshining North America, the combined wealth of the region is also outperforming its rival’s. Growing by 18%, compared to North America’s 17%, Asia-Pacific registered a total wealth of US$14.20 trillion, just trailing North America’s US$14.88 trillion.

The impact of this growth has huge repercussions worldwide. One way in which this is having an effect is in the increasingly global vision of such HNWIs, with a 25% upsurge in the numbers of those looking outside of their home country for allocation of their wealth.

Leading Brazilian real estate developer, Ritz Property, has found exactly this in recent years, especially when it comes to HNWIs from the Asia-Pacific region.

Each month, the company hosts at least two grand-scale events at prestigious venues in Singapore which provide interested businesspeople with detailed information about property investment opportunities in North East Brazil. These seminars allow potential investors the chance to meet with experts from Ritz Property Asia, UK and Brazil to find out more about capitalising on their wealth.

The success of the seminars highlights the global vision of HNWIs from the Asia-Pacific region, as Ritz Property Group Sales Director, Andrew Thompson explains,

“Here in the North East of Brazil, we have certainly seen first-hand the impact of growing wealth in the Asia-Pacific region, hosting over a hundred Singaporean investors during the World Cup for example.

“Our monthly property investment seminars in Singapore have proved extremely popular with those looking to capitalise on the potential growth offered in and around the city of Natal. So successful have these events been in fact that we are actively expanding our network to other key cities in Asia.”

Indeed the World Cup generated fresh interest in Brazil not only from Singaporeans but other nations not commonly associated with the Latin American country. Guiherme Belli, the Brazilian diplomat in charge of the 2014 FIFA World Cup affairs and based at the country’s embassy in Beijing, noted that the tournament boosted the number of Chinese tourists visiting Brazil, with a total of 5,000 arriving over the course of the World Cup. He also predicted that this would not be a mere flash in the pan for Brazil and that, instead, it will be the start of increased tourism from China forecasting totals of 100,000 visiting in the coming years, up from 65,000 in 2012.

Yet it is not just increasing tourism that is intensifying Chinese interest in Brazil: a recent state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping has further enhanced relations with Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, heightening ties between the two countries. Though initially on a trade-front, with a number of agreements being signed on the recent visit, this has a wider impact on Asia-Pacific interest in the country, complementing the growth in the numbers, and the wealth, of Asia-Pacific HNWIs looking to foreign shores for investment opportunities.

One example of a Brazilian project that is generating interest from the Asia-Pacific market is Majestic Village, just 12km from Natal in the prime location of Parnamirim, across a 185 acre site. This new community development from Ritz Property is close to the popular beaches of Pirangi and Ponta Negra and will feature beautifully landscaped gardens with impressive facilities, including swimming pools, tennis courts and club, volleyball courts, football pitches, a children’s play area, a gym, a stunning feature river and a club house.

With 1,800 residential building plots ranging in size from 350 and 961 m², this is an excellent opportunity and with prices from R$157,500 / £42,000 for a 350 m² plot, this is a low entry level investment compared to other surrounding developments.

For more information on Ritz Property developments and the opportunities available in North-East Brazil, contact the team today on +44 207 183 7565 or visit

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