Q&A with Goh Yam Sim, Head of Operations of Ritz-G5 Asia

What is your role in Ritz-G5?

My duties and responsibilities are mainly to process and maintain documents pertaining to investment contracts entered into by Ritz-G5 with our clients, so as to roll-out all the necessary contractual payments to clients on a timely basis.

How long have you been involved with the company?

I’ve been working for Ritz-G5 (formerly Ritz Property) since the start of operations in Singapore in 2012.

What does your typical day look like?

During each work-day, I am required to respond to emails from marketing agents as well as work partners. After which I look into the processes that result in payment transactions being made to clients, production of document packages and the delivery of payment letters sent via post to clients.

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your role?

It’s rewarding and pleasant to see the number of contracts increasing with each investment batch. Familiar client names are growing in numbers, signifying that the past years of hard work have resulted in an increasing clientele repeating their investments with Ritz-G5.

Are you originally from Singapore?

I’m Singaporean since birth. Singapore is a very good place to work and live in because of its efficient and vibrant economy, stable and good government, as well as the secure living environment with a very low crime-rate.

Why do you think Brazil, and Natal in particular is so appealing to Asian investors

Natal is located at a very strategically advantageous location in northeast Brazil. This makes it a very attractive location for the growing number of upper-middle income citizens to consider as a place to live, especially given its beautiful beaches and 300 days of sunny weather. These are also the very reasons that wealthy foreigners (especially Europeans) look for when seeking a “winter-home”, to escape the harsh cold Europe winter months.

What is the importance of an efficient and organised administrational system in a large company such as Ritz-G5 Asia?

Our clientele comprises of numerous high-net worth individuals, who have high expectations for their investments. As such, our records must be well-maintained, so that we always deliver the payouts to our clients in a timely manner.

As Head of Operations, how do you ensure that all operations run smoothly and efficiently?

There is a lot of work involved in keeping operations running smoothly. I am not able to do everything alone. I delegate tasks to my small but efficient and hardworking team, monitor their progress, manage and solve problems encountered as early as they occur, so that any delay in processes does not ever get out of hand.

How do you prioritise a busy work load across the operations department?

Tasks related to client payouts always come first. At times, the paperwork for producing contract documents tends to grow significantly, so we have to put in more hours to complete the paperwork.

What are the biggest challenges you face in operations?

The main difficulties arise whenever we launch new projects because there are numerous pieces of new information to put together for the project’s contract document, coupled with a short delivery timeline. That is followed by the usual high volume of orders from our clientele making their first investment into the new project.

What has been your biggest professional achievement so far?

Well, the most significant item so far has been that our small team has successfully closed deals for 2 “completely sold-out projects”, Palm Springs & Majestic Village.

Finally, what does the future hold for operations at Ritz-G5 Asia?

I believe there is a bright future for the whole team at Ritz-G5 Asia, as we move on from success to success, completing projects such as Palm Springs, Majestic Village, Costa Azul, Residencial Currais Novos, Airtropolis Village, Parnamirim Hills, the list just goes on…

For more information on Ritz-G5’s operations in Asia, contact the team on +65 6338 3672 or visit www.ritz-g5.com.




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