Ritz-g5 celebrates 3rd anniversary in Singapore with a stunning evening reception


On Wednesday 12th August 2015, leading Brazilian real estate developer, Ritz-G5, marked its third year of successful operation in Singapore with a glittering evening reception.

The anniversary was celebrated by a prestigious, invitation-only event held at the stunning Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore.

Senior members from the global Ritz-G5 teams (based in Singapore, Brazil and the UK), treated guests to an outstanding dinner reception with first class entertainment and high calibre speakers.

The event included a number of distinguished VIP guests: Ambassador of Brazil in Singapore, Luis Fernando de Andrade Serra and his wife Mrs Rosana Serra; Deputy Senator of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Mr Jean-Paul Prates; Professor Macro Nobrega; CEO of Shenton Holdings, Ms Helen Chong; CEO of Ritz-G5, Mr Luiz Fernandes; Founder of Andre Elali Law Firm, Mr Andre Elali; Managing Director of Ritz-G5 Asia, Mr Arun Rama; General Manager of Ritz-G5, Mr José Henrique Azeredo; and Business to Lawyers in São Paulo, Mr Rubens Gaspar Serra.

Held in conjunction with Ritz-G5’s authorised marketing partner, Shenton Holdings, around 1,000 investors, affiliates and professional suppliers were in attendance. The audience was truly international with guests arriving from Singapore, Brazil, UK, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.

Speaking at the glittering third anniversary event, CEO Ritz-G5, Luiz Fernandes, enthused:

“I would like to extend my congratulations and best wishes to Ritz-G5 Asia, celebrating tonight three successful years of operation in Singapore. Working in partnership with our clients is a core value at Ritz-G5, which is why I am so delighted to be able to honour our promises and deliver the first Exit Pay-outs to our investors in Palm Springs.

“Our flagship project in Natal, Palm Springs, is fully complete and has undoubtedly been a success upon which we shall build upon in the future. The past three years have seen a great deal being achieved, but this is only the beginning. I thank you for your ongoing commitment to Ritz-G5 and I look forward to presenting many more exciting and innovative investment opportunities to you over the coming years.”

During the event, Ritz-G5 proudly celebrated the exit pay-out to its Palm Springs investors and presented clients with their first Exit Payout Cheques.

Speaking at the eventArun Rama, Managing Director of Ritz-G5 Singapore, highlighted:

“August 2015 marks a very special milestone for Ritz-G5. Not only is the award-winning Brazilian developer celebrating its third anniversary of operations in Asia, but clients are also now receiving their first Exit Payouts from the superb Palm Springs investment.”

The celebration was further enriched by a high calibre speaker, Deputy Senator of Federal Republic of Brazil, state Rio Grande do Norte, Jean-Paul Prates, who is a Professor of Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Moreover, he is also currently the executive director of Expertro Group, the largest Brazilian multidisciplinary oil and gas consulting firm.

Professor Jean-Paul spoke about the past 10 years of the real estate sector’s success in Brazil and its growing economy as well as the outlook for the next 5-years. According to Professor Jean-Paul, real estate is one of the sectors that has enjoyed fantastic progress, mostly thanks to the preceding economic growth and a huge rise of the middle class in Brazil. In fact, the Brazilian middle class population has grown so extraordinarily that if it was put into a global perspective today, it would rank Brazil as the 18th largest economy in the world, solely based on the middle class size!

According to his view, this is owed to the last two subsequent presidencies (comprising 4 terms) in Brazil, which in combination have helped to grow this new middle class in Brazil. The first presidency had de-regulated the regulated sectors of Brazil, opening the economy to the global investment and global markets, which created a large amount of new jobs. Following that, the subsequent government who was more concerned with the social issues in the country, resulting in highly important and large investments into infrastructure and education sectors in Brazil. Combined together, these two policies, have given a major impetus for the middle class growth in Brazil.

Professor Jean-Paul further explained that the current downturn in Brazil is temporary and will not endure, and that we will see a higher growth in Brazil re-assuming over the next couple of years. Moreover, he explained that the current situation is a ‘hangover’ remaining from the last year’s elections and World Cup investments. The 2014 FIFA World Cup was enormously important for Brazil as are also the approaching Summer Olympic Games and the legacy of the completed infrastructure projects ahead of these events will continue to benefit Brazilians for decades ahead.

Commenting on the outlook for the real estate market in Brazil, Professor Jean-Paul underlined that the coming 5 years in Brazil will be very positive. According to statistics, in 2013, 47% of the middle class in Brazil dreamed of buying a new home. Whilst these dreams have come true for some Brazilians in the period from 2013 to 2015, the vast majority have been held up by the current recession. Nevertheless, these dreams still remain and once Brazil returns to economic growth these dreams will begin to materialise for many more people. Naturally, this means that the real estate sector will be able to benefit from a very high demand for new housing over the next 5 years.

Furthermore, Professor Jean-Paul explained that Natal is seen as a ‘paradise’ for living for many Brazilians and is also seen as a dream place to retire in for many. This is because it offers a superior quality of life, coupled with the abundance of beautiful sandy beaches and blessed by the year-round sunny climate. Natal is referred to by many Brazilians as the ‘Brazilian Florida’.

Last but not least, Professor Jean-Paul stressed that one must not forget that Brazil is very rich in natural resources such as oil, water, energy, and many others. Natural resources are globally limited and should not be taken for granted thus, with Brazil being rich in such resources, supports the positive prospects for future economic growth.

Bringing the evening to a close were the final speakers from Shenton Holdings: Group Sales Director, Andrew Thompson and Managing Director, Alvin Leong. Mr Thompson presented Ritz-G5’s proven success story, its long business development history and the company’s track record comprising 21 completed projects over the last 30 years. Awards won by Ritz-G5 in 2014 were also proudly brought to attention as well as an overview of the exciting, new investment opportunities with Ritz-G5.

Details on how to invest in the new projects available by Ritz-G5, notably Currais Novos and Atropolis, including special event promotions, were presented by Mr Alvin Leong.

For more information on Ritz-G5’s third anniversary in Singapore, future events and how to invest in our projects, please contact the Singaporean team on +65 6432 6278 or visit http://ritz-g5.com.


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