Why do Brazilians prefer gated neighbourhoods?

“Security as well privacy is becoming one of the major requirements when buying property in Brazil” comments Luiz Fernandes, CEO of award-winning real estate developer, Ritz-G5.

His views from on the ground in Natal, Northeast Brazil, echo those seen wider across the Latin American nation whereby residential buyers are increasingly searching for projects offering a secure environment to ensure their own and their family’s wellbeing.

Indeed as well as the sense of a private community and safe environment, residents can enjoy exclusive facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, children’s play areas and gyms. These are fast becoming main appeals when choosing to live in a gated neighbourhood.

For Brazilians looking for a new gated community home, it is important to firstly asses how secure it really is. The vice-president of the National Federation of Security and Exchange Transport Companies, Edmilson Pereira, suggests that residents and developers should work together to ensure that their environment is secure, warning that often finished development is not as secure as it was planned to be.

Mr Pereira says,

“Security measures should be thought about during the planning stages. Architects developing the project need to work together with a security consultant to think through all the details and required alterations of the plan. Making changes at this early stage will ensure that the finished development really is secure.”

Indeed Luiz Fernandes agrees with Edmilson Pereira noting the importance of paying attention to detail when creating a secure development,

“The family’s wellbeing has always been a significant aspect of Brazilian life. As gated condominiums are growing in popularity, it is important to pay attention to detail to ensure that the development you are interested in has the required security measures. These may include reporting to a security guard before entering the condominium, having your vehicle’s registration number taken as well as the use of intercoms and CCTV. Service providers should be identified by presenting their badge of identification and residents should expect the gates to be closed at all times when not in use by the residents or staff.”

Mr Fernandes adds,

“Gated condominium communities can be a perfect environment to live in, especially for families. Such neighbourhoods not only offer safety and privacy for your home but also provide great facilities which can be used by its residents. Demand for such communities has really risen in the city of Natal and we expect it to continue for the foreseeable.”

One example of a gated community project is Ritz-G5’s award-winning flagship condominium development, Majestic Village.

Located in Parnamirim, an up-coming residential area in South Natal, Majestic Village offers land plots, apartments and townhouses in a secure neighbourhood. The project will also offer luxury facilities such as private school, kindergarten, medical clinics, shopping malls, cafes, pools, tennis and volleyball courts as well as 24-hour security to its residents.

For further details on Brazil’s gated condominium market or Ritz-G5 projects, contact the Ritz-G5 team on +44 207 183 7565 or visit www.ritz-g5.com.



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