Q&A with Manuel Micó, Operations Director of Ritz-G5

What is your role in Ritz-G5? My role here at Ritz-G5 is Operations Director. I’m responsible primarily for the coordination of the overall budgets, execution of licensing procedures, negotiation with our strategic supplier as well as the evaluation of new operations. How long have you been involved with the company? I joined the company in… Read more »

15 facts about Rio 2016 Olympics

  With less than 40 days to go until the Opening Ceremony for Rio 2016 Olympics, last minute preparations are in full swing around the country. Multi award-winning developer, Ritz-G5, based in Brazil’s “City of the Sun” Natal offers to take a moment and read 15 interesting facts about Rio 2016 Olympics. Here are Ritz-G5’s… Read more »

Air Seychelles launches codeshare service to Brazil

The national airline of Republic of Seychelles, Air Seychelles, has introduced a new extension to its international network to Brazil through codeshare with Etihad Airways. The airline will now offer connections to São Paulo via Abu Dhabi through its partner airline from the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1978, Air Seychelles primarily offers international flights… Read more »

Brazil sees a boom in Australian tourists

Brazil sees a boom in Australian tourists, with numbers up by 58 percent in March compared with the same time last year. Indeed, Brazil is seeking to further strengthen its presence in the Australian market with the recent visa waiver introduced for Australian citizens visiting Brazil between June 1 and September 18. Furthermore, Brazil’s Consulate-General… Read more »

Brazil eases visa rules ahead of Rio 2016

With only 60 days left until Rio 2016 Olympics, Brazil has eased visa rules for Australian, Canadian, American and Japanese tourists. Effective as of June 1, the waiver program is expected to attract more than the originally planned number of tourists. The projections of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) show that as many as 500,000… Read more »