International tourists are spending more in Brazil this year

International tourists from across the world are spending more in Brazil this year.

According to the information released by the Central Bank, international visitors have spent more than they did in May 2015.

In May 2016, foreign exchange revenue was US $ 434 million, against US $ 417 million during the same time last year, increasing by 4.08%. Tourist spending increased by 10.24% to US $ 2.75 billion from US $ 2.50 billion.

This is the 5th consecutive month in which the tourism spending continues to grow.

Indeed, one of the main factors influencing tourist spending is the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics. With less than a month to go before the opening ceremony, tourism is an important focus for the country’s officials.

The Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) has been promoting the Olympic Games internationally throughout the year, inviting foreign tourists to visit Brazil in 2016 and explore what the South American Giant has on offer.

According to the deputy president of Embratur, José Antonio Parente, the positive figures are the results of such promotions and together with the appreciation of the dollar, provide more favourable conditions for tourists visiting Brazil. Mr. Parente comments,

“The data shows that the favourable exchange rate together with the improvement of air connectivity favours the competiveness of Brazilian tourism when facing the international market, attracting more visitors to Brazil.”

Tourism Minister, Henrique Alberto Alvers, believes that this data can reinforce how tourism has the potential to help the economy,

“The proximity of the Olympic Games and the subsequent overexposure of the country will attract more foreign tourists to the country which in return will certainly contribute to the economy.”

Furthermore, country officials are trying to encourage foreign visitors to travel to other Brazilian cities and beaches besides Rio de Janeiro where the games will take place.

According to José Francisco Salle Lopes, director of Economic Studies and Research at the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, the Olympics will lead to a further increase in average foreign traveler spending and average stay, as well as double the amount of tourism revenue.

“These tourists are known to be cultured and above-average spenders when it comes to tourism” said Mr. Lopes.

Multi award-winning developer Ritz-G5 based in Rio Grande do Norte and group Sales Director, Miller Reis, are pleased with the efforts to promote Brazil to the international market. Mr. Reis comments,

“The country has been putting a lot of effort into promoting Brazil and its destinations to the international tourists across the world and we can already see the results, even before the Rio 2016 Olympics!”

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