Ritz-G5 releases new Brazil Economic and Real Estate Report, Autumn 2015

Following on from the hugely successful Spring edition, leading Brazilian developer Ritz-G5 have released their ‘Brazil Economic & Real Estate Report, Autumn 2015’ report. This fully updated new report considers all aspects of Brazil’s economic status and real estate market, providing a cohesive and comprehensible analysis, essential reading for any potential investor. The report, exclusively from Ritz-G5, also includes… Read more »

Rio 2016 unveils Paralympic Torch

With the four Paralympic values inscribed on its side in Braille, the torch will spread the spirit of the Games across Brazil. The Rio 2016 Paralympic Torch has been unveiled. With a design that celebrates diversity and equality, the iconic symbol that will spread the spirit of the Games and the Paralympic values around Brazil… Read more »


Offering a year-round sunny climate, abundance of beautiful beaches well as a great variety of infrastructure and real estate developments, Brazil is an attractive investment choice and with the Brazilian real at all time low, it’s one market for international investors not to miss in 2016! Multi award-winning Brazilian developer, Ritz-G5 which offers projects in… Read more »

Majestic Village named Best Mixed-use Development of the Americas at International Property Awards 2015 Grand Final

  Earlier in October leading Brazilian property developer, Ritz-G5 was granted the prestigious accolade of Best Mixed-use Development Brazil for its grand condominium project Majestic Village, during the International Property Awards gala event held in Barbados. Following this success, Ritz-G5 then went on to compete for the title of Best Mixed-use Development Americas at the… Read more »

Hot off the press! Award-winning Ritz-G5 releases the last SkyRize of 2015

Ritz-G5 has just released the last issue of SkyRize, the monthly newsletter providing an insight into the world of an award-winning Brazilian developer, of 2015. Hot off the press, the December 2015 issue covers the most recent news and events relating to the Brazilian market and property developer Ritz-G5. SkyRize December 2015 celebrates Ritz-G5 Asia becoming an honorary… Read more »

Leading developer Ritz-G5 releases Investor’s guide to brazil 2016

Releasing its first ‘Investor’s Guide to Brazil 2016’ publication, leading Brazilian developer Ritz-G5 have digested the most up-to-date industry knowledge available to present Brazil’s key real estate investment data on the residential and hotel markets. Utilizing wider knowledge as well as Ritz-G5’s own firsthand experience of Brazil and the Northeast region, we also present the… Read more »

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines launches a new flight route to Natal

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines has launched a new weekly flight between Ilha do Sol (SID) and Natal (NAT). The new flight route was launched in Brazil on 20th November and will operate as a weekly Friday service. TACV Cabo Verde Airlines, based in Cape Verde, has operated since 1958 and offers flights to Europe, North… Read more »