A Year in Review: Award-winning developer Ritz-G5 releases 2015 timeline

Leading Brazilian developer, Ritz-G5 is proud to release “A year in review: 2015 timeline”. The brand new timeline highlights key events which have taken place at the award-winning company over the past 12 months. Covering important events such as the partnership between Ritz Property and construction company Construtora G5, thus creating Ritz-G5, the 2015 timeline… Read more »


5 reasons to be bullish about Brazil in 2016

2015 was not a year that was kind to the Brazilian economy. Political concerns, low global commodity prices and high inflation caused GDP to take a knock however measures to encourage the economy to bounce back have either already been put in place or are being implemented early this year. Due to these positive steps,… Read more »

Q&A with Goh Yam Sim, Head of Operations of Ritz-G5 Asia

What is your role in Ritz-G5? My duties and responsibilities are mainly to process and maintain documents pertaining to investment contracts entered into by Ritz-G5 with our clients, so as to roll-out all the necessary contractual payments to clients on a timely basis. How long have you been involved with the company? I’ve been working… Read more »

Northeast Brazil hailed as the country’s top tourist destination

Brazil is home to a whole host of popular tourist destinations. From the lively carnival atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro in February to the gourmet food, cutting edge culture and 24/7 clubs of São Paulo, it’s a country with a hugely diverse offering for both international visitors and domestic tourists. The latter is a group… Read more »

Tomorrow’s trans-Atlantic partners: Africa and Brazil

From collaborating on improving agricultural technologies to sharing knowledge on tropical medicine, the partnership between Brazil and African nations has been growing rapidly in recent years. Brazil’s trade with Sub-Saharan Africa increased from 2 billion US dollars to 12 billion between 2000 and 2010 reflecting the healthy trade relationship between Brazil and African countries. Evolving… Read more »

Why do Brazilians prefer gated neighbourhoods?

“Security as well privacy is becoming one of the major requirements when buying property in Brazil” comments Luiz Fernandes, CEO of award-winning real estate developer, Ritz-G5. His views from on the ground in Natal, Northeast Brazil, echo those seen wider across the Latin American nation whereby residential buyers are increasingly searching for projects offering a… Read more »