Shop Around for the Best Rates Before Flying to Brazil for the World Cup

World Cup fever is set to take over Brazil this summer and ICE – International Currency Exchange, the global foreign exchange and prepaid currency card provider, is advising football fans to shop around for their currency before they leave home and be cautious of ATM scams and credit card fraud. Additionally, with the cost of living in Brazil spiralling over recent years, travellers will need to be on the lookout for good rates on the Brazilian Real to help their money go further during the World Cup where costs are likely to be even higher than usual.

Football fans heading out to Brazil could see a big difference in costs between rural and major cities in Brazil. Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, where the England squad will be based, were amongst the 15 most expensive places to live in 2012* but those venturing out of the big cities are likely to find prices in the more rural parts of the country significantly cheaper.

The good news, however, is that an 11% increase in the strength of the Pound against the Real since last summer will help travellers get the most out of their stay. A £1000 order will now see UK travellers pocket over 390 Reais more than in July 2013**, helping to make the most of Brazil’s famous carnival atmosphere when the World Cup begins on 12th June.

Security will be a concern for many travellers in Brazil at the World Cup. Cases of credit card fraud and ATM scams, including card cloning, are well-documented in Brazil and travellers are being warned to take precautions around ATMs and avoid using credit cards where possible. It is also recommended that visitors to the country let their bank know where they are going, as British banks routinely freeze accounts when multiple withdrawals trigger fraud alerts.

Tom Johnson, Head of Online Business at ICE said: “Fans may experience a significant difference in prices from city to city. Food, drink and party essentials are likely to be much cheaper at the first England game in Manaus than in Rio where the squad are based. The best preparation for this is to shop around online for the best rates before travelling to Brazil. This will ensure any saving made through the strength of the Pound isn’t wiped out in the most expensive cities in Brazil.

“While a credit, debit or prepaid currency card is often the safest way to carry money on holiday, cash might be the best option when heading to Brazil. Organising travel money isn’t the most exciting part of your holiday but with a little planning you’ll have a bit more cash to splash to enjoy Brazil and the World Cup.”

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