Offering a year-round sunny climate, abundance of beautiful beaches well as a great variety of infrastructure and real estate developments, Brazil is an attractive investment choice and with the Brazilian real at all time low, it’s one market for international investors not to miss in 2016!

Multi award-winning Brazilian developer, Ritz-G5 which offers projects in and around the north eastern city of Natal, strongly believes in Brazil’s future and the investment opportunities it offers.

Here are Ritz-G5’s 20 reasons to invest in Brazil in 2016:

  1. Favourable, warm and sunny climate across several regions of Brazil and particularly in the Northeast.
  2. Easy access to raw materials. Brazil is rich in oil and mineral resources (self-sufficient country in oil), which makes overseas investors interested in Brazil.
  3. Brazil has a large domestic market (201 million population) and a well-diversified economy making it less vulnerable to international crisis.
  4. According to EIU data, Brazil’s average GDP over the last 10 years amounted to 3.6%. This is a higher long-term growth average than in many other countries.
  5. Brazil has an expanding mortgage market with plenty of scope for further growth.
  6. In terms of real estate, excellent capital appreciation over the recent decade has been noted with increasing rental opportunities.
  7. Foreign investment is encouraged, buyers own 100% of land and property.
  8. Low cost of living when compared to many Western countries.
  9. The Brazilian real has depreciated significantly over the last 12 months, making it very attractive for overseas investors to purchase property in Brazil (heavily discounted prices).
  10. Brazil is a country with a large and expanding Middle Class. Some 30 million people have ascended from poverty to the middle class since the early 90s. The middle and upper classes now account for nearly 70% of the Brazilian population.
  11. According to the size of its population and geographical area, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. In terms of its economy, The World Bank currently ranks Brazil as the 7th largest economy in the world.
  12. Brazil’s population is young, the median age is 29.1 years according to IBGE. This is significantly younger than in the West - the median age in North America is 37.2; in Europe is 40.1 whilst in Asia Pacific it is 32.8 years.
  13. Brazil held the FIFA World Cup in 2014 whilst Rio de Janeiro will be the host of the Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games 2016.
  14. There were significant investments in Brazil’s infrastructure prior to the World Cup and Olympics, which are still ongoing. This will vastly benefit the Brazilian economy and the property sector on a long-term basis.
  15. Brazil is considered as one of the future economic leaders alongside Russia, India and China (BRIC’s).
  16. Brazil has a strategic geographic position, allowing easy access to other South-American countries.
  17. Brazil is a beautiful country with fantastic scenery and stunning, world-class beaches.
  18. Brazil has a low political risk and stable democracy.
  19. Brazil is considered a low risk country in respect of War, Terrorism and Hurricanes (natural disasters).
  20. The Brazilian people as a nation are friendly, cheerful and inviting. Brazilian cities are vibrant, exciting, and host a wide range of carnivals with music.

For more information on Ritz-G5’s multi award-winning developments please contact the team on +44 207 183 7565 or visit www.ritz-g5.com.

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