Rio 2016 legacy – 90 percent of international tourists plan to come back to Brazil

As many as 541, 000 international tourists visited Brazil during the Rio 2016 Olympics, an increase of 157,000 people over the same period last year as according to a new study released by Ministry of Tourism.

One of the goals of the organizing committee for Rio 2016 Olympics was to boost tourism numbers and to reach the target of 350,000 to 500,000 additional visitors.

The study also revealed that visa waiver introduced in June for visitors from the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia has benefited as many as 74.4 percent of foreign tourists who visited Brazil for Rio 2016. A total of 53,000 tourists have arrived to Brazil from visa exempt countries between July 28 and August 15.

US tourists are at the top of the list of foreign visitors that travelled to Brazil for Rio 2016, with 21.2 percent of international tourists arriving from the USA, followed by Argentinians (14.8%) and Britons (4.8%).

Indeed, 83.1 percent of international tourists and 98.7 percent of Brazilians said their experience of Rio has either met or exceeded their expectations. As many as 87.7 percent of foreign tourists intend to come back to Brazil in the near future.

Survey released by the Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism also revealed good satisfaction levels from tourists in the areas of security, public transport, infrastructure and prices.

The best rated item was Rio’s hospitality which revealed 98.7 percent approval by the international tourists and 92 percent by Brazilians. 94.6 percent of those questioned were satisfied with the airports and 86.6 percent approved of the public transport.

“This is evidence that we have hosted memorable Games. For tourism, the results of this survey are particularly important. They show that, in terms of image, our legacy is extremely positive.” said the acting Tourism Minister, Mr Alberto Alves.

Based on the studies conducted in three previous Olympic host cities, Athens, Beijing and London, Ministry of Tourism expects a six percent increase in the total number of international tourists visiting Brazil over the next year.

“This is what we expect, it could even exceed this estimate” said Jun Yamamoto, the Ministry of Tourism’s Director of planning and strategic management.

Award winning developer, Ritz-G5 and group Sales Director, Miller Reis, are excited with the prospect of even more visitors coming to the country. Mr Reis comments,

“We’re thrilled to hear that so many tourists were pleased with their experience in Brazil during the Games and so many intend to come back again! Brazil is a very warm and welcoming country and we look forward to accommodating new and returning tourists.”

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